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Aqua City Bien Hoa Dong Nai Project, officially developed by Novaland developer, will open for sale in phase 1 in May 2019 with the opening time for Novaworld Phan Thiet. Aqua City Novaland urban project includes various types such as Townhouses, Shophouse, Villas with attractive selling prices giving customers and investors a safe and ideal investment opportunity in 2019. .

Aqua City Novaland Dong Nai is a key model urban area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. Bien Hoa, facing the other side of the river is the busy VinCity District 9. The project owns the most extensive land fund in the area, up to 1800 hectares with more than 20 km of extended waterways, is considered the most livable urban area in the eastern gateway of Saigon.
Aqua City Novaland Dong Nai
Skyview Of AQUA CITY Project
Overall perspective of Aqua City urban project of Novaland investor in Dong Nai
According to experts, there is hardly any project that surpasses Aqua City Novaland Dong Nai in terms of scale and location potential, not to mention the closed inner-city utility items in the Great City will be a solid advantage to attract. residents flock to settle down and live.
Investing early in Aqua City Novaland Dong Nai, customers only need to spend 750 million to own a cozy house, then pay 1% per installment in 3-5 years, comfortable and safe. Investing, settling in or doing business, all goes well.

- Project location: Long Hung Commune, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
- Investor: Novaland Group Joint Stock Company (Novaland Group)
- Total area: 1800 ha (in the first stage of development, 300 ha)
- Official name: Aqua City Novaland urban area
- Scale: A closed, multi-utility urban area, including a complex of Townhouses and high-class villas.
- Type of investment and development: Shophouse, Townhouses, Single villas, Semi-detached villas.
- Utilities: riverside parks, commercial centers, 5-star marina, school system, indoor and outdoor sports ...
- Legal basis: Red book of each background, long-term ownership
- Starting time: 2019
- Expected delivery time: 2030
- Handover standards: Raw handover.
Aqua City Dong Nai
Novaland's project in Dong Nai is located on Highway 51, Vanh Dai Street, Bien Hoa - Vung Tau Expressway, Long Hung Commune, Ho Chi Minh City. Bien Hoa and Dong Nai are at the center of connecting the eastern gateway of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM with southern provinces.
Project location Aqua City Long Hung Bien Hoa Dong Nai

Project location Aqua City Long Hung Bien Hoa Dong Nai
With a location stretching 20 km along the Dong Nai River, directly connected to District 9, Aqua City Novaland AQua City Novaland, Long Hung, Long Thanh, Dong Nai, promises to become a perfect "Opponent" to the City. Vincity.
Assessing the location of Aqua City Novaland, we can see that the project has achieved all 3 prosperous elements: "Myopia, Nhi My Giang, Tam My Lo"; At the same time, it is considered to be in a super standard position of feng shui, with the Dong Nai River embracing and surrounded by a series of roads of the region.
To complete the Aqua City Novaland Urban Area, the investor is responsible for direct construction of two arterial bridges. Specifically:
- A large bridge crosses Vanh Dai 3 and Nam Cao roads, meaning connecting the project with District 9.
- A small bridge connecting Huong Lo 2 and the road leading to Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway. Once in operation, this small bridge will help residents move to Long Thanh Airport faster, only 5-10 minutes.
Convenient regional linkage from Aqua City Novaland Long Hung Dong Nai project
Convenient connection from Aqua City Novaland Long Hung Long Thanh Dong Nai project
Convenient regional links from the Aqua City Novaland Dong Nai project
- Aqua City Dong Nai is opposite to the Vinhome Urban Area in District 9, connected by cool river banks.
- The project is located on arterial roads, synchronous and modern because it has just formed in recent years, including:
+ Long Thanh - Dau Giay expressway - TP. HCM, Bien Hoa - Vung Tau Expressway, Bien Hoa - Phan Thiet Expressway, Bien Hoa - Da Lat Expressway, Long Thanh - Ben Luc Expressway, Bac Son - Long Thanh Expressway, My Phuoc - Tan Van Expressway ...
+ Ring Road 4 (road connecting 4 provinces of Long An - Binh Duong - Dong Nai - Vung Tau).
+ Ben Thanh - Bien Hoa Metro route (1.5 km away from the project).
+ Highway 1A, Highway 51 ...
- From the project, easily connect to the city center with a series of valuable destinations. Specifically:
+ 15 km from Aqua City Dong Nai project to Ho Chi Minh City HCM.
+ 6 km connected to the city center. Bien Hoa Dong Nai.
+ 2 km to Vung Tau Junction
+ 3 km to Bien Hoa Industrial Park.
+ 8 km to High-Tech Park District 9.
+ 10 km to move quickly to Long Thanh International Airport (expected to be formed in 2025) ...

Not just a boring urban area, Aqua City Bien Hoa, Long Hung, Long Thanh, Dong Nai has the appearance of a miniature, modern city and full of all necessary living facilities for the upper middle class. .
Layout of the Aqua urban area of ​​Novaland
The premises of Novaland's Aqua urban project in Bien Hoa Dong Nai are very high-end

The utility element is considered as one of the project's advantages, contributing to increasing the potential of real estate thanks to a high-class living experience. There are a number of key internal utility items, including:

- Bustling trade center: A place of famous fashion, household, furniture ... brands in the world.

- Internal education system: Full levels of education from kindergarten to primary school, junior high school, high school ... bring perfect learning conditions and personality training for young residents.

Villa In Aqua City Complex
- The river park is dozens of km long: A place to develop ecosystems of plants and animals for the whole project, helping to balance the heat, creating a cool landscape and purifying the air. In the park will integrate some other small utilities such as jogging tracks, botanical gardens, badminton courts ...

- 5-star riverside marina: Class and elegance, bringing the upper banquet on the romantic river.
Prosperous life in aqua city novaland urban area, dong nai

Prosperous life in aqua city novaland urban area, dong nai

In addition, utilities such as outdoor training ground, children's play area, mini supermarket, indoor sports area, multi-layer security system, fire protection ... are also fully equipped in Aqua City Novaland.

External utilities of AQua City Novaland, Long Hung, Long Thanh and Dong Nai project areas

- Sightseeing tour: Giang Dien tourist area, Cu Lao Pho tourist area, Son Tien tourist area, Suoi Tien tourist area…

- Economy: High-tech Park District 9, Bien Hoa Industrial Park, Amata Industrial Park, Bac Son Industrial Park, Ho Nai Industrial Park ...

- Recreational sports: Big C, Long Thanh Golf ...

- Education: National University Village, school system at all levels from kindergarten to high school ...

- Health: Shing Mark International Hospital.

- Transportation: New Eastern Bus Station, Long Thanh Airport ...

Aqua City Novaland is planned with a super scale, up to 1800 hectares, in which phase 1 investors will deploy 300 hectares in advance with key product lines including Shophouse, Duplex villas, Single villas .

Oriented as one of the Top Urban Projects in the Southern region's economic focus, Aqua City Bien Hoa is currently attracting numerous partners and interested customers.

Influenced by the cultural identity of the Southern River region, the project will bring bold indigenous beauty, a blend of modern architecture and a complete closed internal utility chain, providing valuable and elegant living space. .

Currently, the project progress is in the stage of completing major roads, with roads of 21m, 33m, 45m and 60m wide. In parallel, the construction unit is also planning to develop internal roads with a width of 12m, 14m, 19m ... to serve the movement of residents in the urban area.

In addition, the sewage treatment system, the tap water network, the electrical network and the drainage system in Aqua City Dong Nai are also submerged underground, meeting international standards on technical infrastructure and quality. practical use and safety.
Layout design Town House Town 8x20 Aqua City Novaland

Layout plan of Town House 8 × 20 Aqua City Novaland
Perspective House Town House 8x20 Aqua City Novaland

Perspective House Town House 8 × 20 Aqua City Novaland
Layout design Shophouse Aqua City Dong Nai 8x20

Layout design Shophouse Aqua City Bien Hoa 8 × 20
Perspective of Shophouse Aqua City Dong Nai 8x20

Perspective of Shophouse Aqua City Dong Nai 8 × 20
Layout design of Aqua City Nova Dong Nai villa

Layout design of Aqua City Nova Dong Nai villa
Perspective design villas villas Aqua City Long Hung

Perspective design villas villas Aqua City Long Hung

Open products for sale of Aqua Dong Nai project, phase 1

- Adjacent houses: Area from 8m x 20m, 10m x 20m. Structure 1 ground 2 floors, rough handover, the road front is 14m or 19m.

- Duplex villas: Area of​​10m x 20m. Structure 1 ground 2 floors, handover rough, road surface à 14m.

- Single villa: Area 12m x 20m: 1 ground floor structure 2 floors, rough handover, road surface à 14m.

According to information from Novaland investor, the price of products of townhouses and villas at the latest Aqua City project in May 2019 recorded as follows:

- Adjacent townhouses 8m x 20m: Price from 5.8 billion / unit

- Adjacent houses 10m x 20m: Price from 5.95 billion / unit

- Duplex villas of 10m x 20m: Price from 6.8 billion / unit

- Single villas 12m x 20m: Price from 8.4 billion / unit.

The price is basically in accordance with the location and related factors, premises. It is expected that the project will be completed from 2019 to 2030. Currently, infrastructure items are speeding up the construction progress, so basically the project has started, the legality also ensures safety to descend. money.
* Incentives:
- Novaland old customers get 1% discount.
- The Bank provides loan support with interest rates as low as 80% of the value of the product, installment payment over 25 years.
- Official preferential and discount programs will be announced on the opening day.
* Payment policy:
Flexible policies, long-term payments within 3-5 consecutive years, each installment is only 1% of the contract value, creating favorable conditions for customers and investors to mobilize capital, reduce financial pressure. So customers can buy a home without a bank loan.

Also with this policy, only 750 million, anyone can easily own a separate home adjacent to the city. HCM.
Payment method for Aqua City Novaland project

Payment method for Aqua City Novaland project

- Prestigious Novaland investor, long experience in the real estate industry, especially in the high-end housing segment. Novaland is currently implementing a series of key projects, targeting many popular segments in the market. With a long-term strategy, Novaland is a great guarantee for the quality of Aqua City Long Hung Long Thanh in the future.

- The urban area has a huge scale, equivalent to a miniature city with a full range of utilities and products. This is the ideal place to settle down, trade or trade.

- Aqua City is located in the region's key trade and transportation network. With the gateway location East Zone TP. Ho Chi Minh City, again linked with a series of key routes, and owns more than 20 km of Dong Nai river bank, the urban area is highly appreciated for its location potential. The project is considered to be easy to buy and sell, easy to liquidate and likely to surge in the near future.
Why choose to buy the products of Novaland's Aqua City Long Hung Dong Nai project

Why choose to buy the products of Novaland's Aqua City Bien Hoa project

- As an eco-urban area, Aqua City Novaland is planned in a closed, balanced manner, without encroaching on the environment. Living at Aqua City Novaland means you are helping to protect the natural ecosystem.

- Attractive price policy, many incentives and flexible payment methods, Aqua City Long Hung Dong Nai helps customers easily access in any form.

Please contact us directly for detailed advice on the Aqua City N Bien Hoa project.


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